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United Way 2007 Community Builder Award for NCLB


EPIC Award 2007


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Archieved Reports on Program Activities



- Report on a community dinner

Banff TA

Banff Tenants Association members with Cst. Mario Bergeron and coordinator NCLB at a communtiy multi-cultural dinner.

Photo: Bob Beauchemin

- January 5 2006 dinner with community

- Social guidance

- Icebreaking with Youth

- Incident Report OPS

- Information Session at Banff

- Community Mobilization

- Problem Locations in Banff Community

- OPS meeting with Youth

- Presentation to the Association of Chiefs of Police

- Police Announcement

- Community Day at Confederation Court community on August 25, 2006, organized by the Tenants' Association. 

- Community Day at Heatherington on August 30, 2006, organized by the Tenants' Association. 

- Highlights from Banff Avenue Community Day 2006. 

- A note on the important role of the Tenants' Associations 

- A Banff Avenue Tenants' Association organized family trip to Mont Cassades in August 2006.

- Social Mobilization Activities Plan from Nov 1, 2006 - April 30, 2007.

- Banff Ave. Community House AGM and Tenants' Association elections 2007

- Annual General Meeting of the Tenants' Association at 1455 heatherington on Janaury 30, 2007. Participation of the police officers made the meeting worthwhile from the perspective of residents's concerns about safety and security.

- Day of Caring at Russell Heights, October 02, 2008 - looking at the event from the community's perspective.


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