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Latest: NCLB Presentation to Community Protectives Services Committee - February 15, 2012

       1. Community Engagement Process
  Why Place matters   This presentation is the most simplified version of the community action process to make it easy for the community members to view and follow the basic steps to neighbourhood level development.
  Why Place matters   This documentary captures the steps followed, the results achieved, the challenges faced and the lessons learned from a successful community capacity building initiative in several neighbourhoods in Ottawa.
  Why Place matters   This presentationThis presentation shows NCLB concept and approach in a broader context and explains various phases of implementing the NCLB strategy development process at the neighbourhood level.
       2. Community Development Framework (CDF) Introduction
  Community Development Framework CDF  

This presentation is a quick introduction to the City of Ottawa's Community Development Framework (CDF).

The Framework brings together funders, community organizations, residents, researchers and city services to share information and leverage opportunities to support neighbourhood-based initiatives in a strategic and coordinated fashion.

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See detailed background of CDF here.

       3. Cadre de développement communautaire (CDC) Français
  Cadre de développement communautaire (CDC)  

This presentation gives a quick overview of the Community Development Framework (CDF) in French.

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       4. Why NCLB matters?
  Why Place matters   Click to view.
       5. Presentation to Photo Voice Forum Feb 21, 2008
  Photo Voice   NCLB scope and how Univ. Of Ottawa Neighbourhood profiling project dovetails with NCLB. – February 21, 2007. This presentation tot he Photo Voice forum shows how the neighbourhood profiles done by the Univ. of Ottawa will help other communities replicate the NCLB strategi cplanning process.
       6. Latest news Report

Lunch of Neighbourhood in Banff Community
– September 29, 2007. The community reached a new milestone and achieved a long awaited objective of the NCLB by establishing a Neighborhood Watch with distinction. OPS Chief and Superintendent were present at the occasion.

Watch the report

       7. Flipping book intro to NCLB

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A Model of Community Mobilisation –NCLB is a classic example of mobilizing the community and engaging residents with various service providers for social development and crime prevention at the same time. It helps the police in establishing trust and communication channels with at-promise communities. At the same time, it provides other service providers an opportunity to effectively deliver their services. As a whole this approach addresses to basic determinants of health.

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        8. Where crime prevention is the priority

NCLB concise

This concise flash presentation
gives a detailed description of the concept, approach, various phases, core components and main principles of the No Community Left Behind Initiative applied where crime prevention is a priority. We have developed this presentation for sharing information and lessons learned with those who might be interested in applying the NCLB approach for crime prevention through social development. The file will take a moment to download.

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        9. Comprehensive presentation


This comprehensive flash presentation
gives all the details mentioned in presentation # 6 above. However, you will also view comments of all stakeholders on various phases and components of the initiative as the presentation unfolds.

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      10. Testimonials



Views of the community members, partner agencies and elected represtnatives about the concept, approach and success of NCLB in crime prevention through communty engagement and social development -- all leading to addressing the basic determinants of health.


      11. Ottawa Police Service 2006 Activity Report

OPS report 2006

- OPS 2006 Activity Report

- "Banff-ledbury take back their community."

     12. Presentation to the City of Ottawa

This presentation was made to the senior managers of the City of Ottawa on May 08, 2007.

Thr first five pages were shown as an introduction to the scope of the NCLB approach before presentating parts of the concise presentation.

The last five pages summarises Ottawa Police Service Perspective.

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