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United Way 2007 Community Builder Award for NCLB


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Information Sharing


This web site is one of the ways for sharing information about the No Community Left Behind initiative with other interested communities and organizations. 

Presentation with Charles Bordeleau
Superintendent Charles Bordeleau and Abid Jan, NCLB Coordinator, making a presentation at Vanier Community Resource Centre on Janaury 23, 2006.

Workshop on this approach was the highlight of United Ways 2006 Sharing our Strengths conference.  

Ontario Police College is planning to show case this approach in its 2007 CPMP course.

Knowledge sharing moves the lessons learned beyond local communities and project partners to a range of audiences.   

Discussions with the funders solicit additional target audiences.   

Lessons Learned are relevant to many communities across Canada and locally.  SEOCHC disseminates the information to similar communities in Eastern Ontario via the Network of Eastern Ontario Community Health Centre, across Ontario via the Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC) and across Canada via the Canadian Alliance of Community Health Centre Associations (CACHCA).   

Partner organizations use their networks and communications to disseminate the information amongst their colleagues, locally, provincially and nationally. 

Shared knowledge includes structures, tools, principles and processes used to plan, implement and evaluate No Community Left Behind as well as successes and challenges. 

Structures includes Steering Committee, Tenant Associations, community groups and individuals. 

Tools include:  data collection tools (participant feedback forms, partner feedback forms, police services related crime data, safety/security surveys, activity data, reports and communications. 

Principles and processes include:  relationship building, consistency, time, trust, formal and informal communication. 

Successes and challenges include  engaging community members, building trusting relationships, working with intimidation, political and historical community issues, media representation of communities, partner collaboration.

Information is disseminated in a number of ways.  No Community Left Behind – Process and Learnings are available in a PowerPoint version.  The Project Coordinator and/or partner organizations are available for presentations and consultations at both national and provincial conferences.   


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