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Areas of concern in Banff Avenue community

Identified by Community Members


The alleyway behind units 1205-1225 shown in the following figure is the matter of concern for the residents. Most of the criminal elements hang around in the this area and engage in crime-related activities because it provides good protection from the life outside as well as effective escape roots due to natural exists in the fence towards NCC land under the power lines and a broken fences towards Bank Street as shown in Picture A shown below.


locations of concern in banff community


Picture B shown above gives a view from the Bank Street.  

The following picture shows exit of the alleyway towards Bank Street

Towards Bank Street

At the far end, the alleyway splits (picture below); towards right it goes to the main community  area and towards left it goes to the area underneath the power lines and behind the high-rise.

Banff community cpted

Following is the triangle shaped wide space in the alleyway: The outlet on the left side of the fence leads to the area underneath the power lines.

Banff areas of concern

In the following picture, we see the triangle shaped wide space (H in the figure in above) in the alleyway Facing Banff Ave. The corridor goes behind all the units on the right.

Banff community problem areas

The broken fence makes exit from the NCC land under the power lines to Bank Street possible.

opening towards bank street

Update: All the above mentioned problem areas (and more) were addressed in 2006 when CPTED Audit's recommendations were implemented with a lead role played by Ottawa Community Housing and Councillor Maria McRae.

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