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Back to School/Community Day

Confederation Court Community

August 25, 2006


The Tenants' Association (TA) and Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) organized a very successful community day to provide kids with an opportunity to have fun towards to end of the summer break and to mark the presence of the newly established TA in the community. Community's participation in all the planned activities was beyond our expectations.

The TA and OCH deserve full credit for their hard work and meticulous planning for the event.

These occasions build credibility of the TA, give its members to gain confidence and pave the way for the community mobilization campaign and other activities under No Community Left Behind initiative. In short, it is a great start in the Confederation Court community.


Community's Turn Out

Community showed up

in large numbers

For Adults....

An occasion to socialize

and enjoy the spirit of volunteerism

from food preparation to serving

 For Kids....

An occasion to have fun




...and sports.


working hand in hand with the TA

and the community


had set up their stalls


were were not far behind

Tenants' Association

its presences, commitment and
team-work didn't go unnoticed.



TA members with OCH staff


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