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Back to School/Community Day

Albion-Heatherington community
August 30, 2006


With successfully organizing Community BBQ and Back to School Day for kids, the Tenants' Association (TA) of Heatherington has proved once more that every cent invested in the Tenants' Associations reaches the community through its member's voluntary and dedicated work.

Mayor Bob Chiarellie had recently donated some funds to the TA in Heatherington community. The TA in turn organized this impressive event distributed stationery worth hundreds of dollars among residents.

It was an excellent opportunity for parents to come out and kids to have fun and win back-packs full of what they really needed just before going back to school.

Assistance to Tenants' Associations from Ottawa Community Housing, Health and Resource Centres, elected officials and the City of Ottawa goes a long way. It directly benefits the community, strengths Tenants' Associations and builds their credibility in the community for social development and crime prevention in partnership with all service providers.


Community's Turn Out

TA members at work


Kids enjoying food

Backpacks and other stationery items for kids

Community kids thronged to win the prizes

TA members celebrating a success they rightly deserved


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