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2007 Community House AGM &
Tenants Associaiton elections
January 25, 2007

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Annual General Meeting of the Banff Community House was held on January 25, 2007. At this occasion tenants elected New Tenants Association, which will carryon the mandate as well as the planned activities for 2006, including activities under No Community Left Behind Project.

Highlights of the evening are as follows:

  • A good percentage of the households were represented.
  • Melanie O’Rourke (TCW from OCH), Florence Brake (Manager from OCH), Board members from the Community House, House Director and Community Developer from SEOCHC were present at the occasion.
  • The Tenants Association progress during 2005 and tentative work plan and budget for 2006 was presented to the participants by Cherlyene Elias and Suzanne Tahan.
  • TCW from Ottawa Community Housing facilitated the election process and all positions were filled without any contest.
  • Cherlyene Elias was unanimously elected to continue working as a president of the TA.
  • Suzanne Tahan was elected to the position of Vice President.
  • Suzanne Potvin was elected to be the Treasurer for 2007.
  • Crystal Hayes was elected as the Secretary.
  • Sylvie Manser presented progress review of the Community House and presented community activities planned for 2006.
  • A member from the Community House board presented the financial report.
  • President of the Community House board gave the Volunteer of the year award.
  • Cherlyene Elias and Suzanne Tahan present the TA budget for the year 2006 and presented the activity plan for the year 2007.
  • The activities for the year 2007 include community BBQs, outdoor trips, children and women activities. They also planned to arrange skill development sessions in the community house.

Elected members of the Tenants' Association decided to meet every Thursday at the community dinner and plan various activities. The meetings are open for the rest of the tenants to drop in and participate in review and planning of the activities.

The community regularly meets every Thursday evening to discuss community development and safety issues. Activities such as Dinner and Chat and Women Exercise Club, organized under No Community Left Behind Project, provide community an opportunity to come together and share their concerns with service providers from outside.

Tenants’ Association and the Community House work closely for planning and implementing community development activities. They planned to meet a week after the AGM to plan joint activities and proposals for funding to different agencies which have showed interest in supporting the TA.


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