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Information Session for the Residents

Banff Avenue community


An information session was arranged for the community members on February 9, 2006. This session was the result of questions and concerned noted from earlier meetings with the service providers.

Some of the main questions addressed were: How to be a responsible parent? How to discipline kids in new cultural setup within the bounds of the law? What are community members’ rights and responsibilities as a responsible citizen?

  Members for Ottawa Police Services and Children Aid Society (CAS) were there to address these and other relevant issues raised by the community members on the spot.

Representative from CAS explained effectively removed misconceptions surrounding removal of children by CAS. Mr. Michael S. Pranschke explained the process and stages that ultimately leads to removal of children from families with problems.  He elaborated the Child and Family Service Act, Section 37 with practical examples to show how the acts states that if parents cannot protect their children, the relevant agency should intervene and how CAS goes through a process to make sure that children are protected from harm and there is no unnecessary intervention.

The concept of Neighbourhood Watch was  also discussed in details as to what it means; how it plays a role in restoring the communities and how it leads to safe and secure neighbourhoods.

A session on Parenting Rights was suggested to explain to the community rights of children of different age groups.


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