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OPS Session with Youth

Banff Community
July 12, 2006


Constable Lisa Briggs and Constable Mario Bergeron from OPS, who are assigned to the No community Left Behind Initiative were invited to have a session with youth joining summer camp under the City of Ottawa funded program.  

The meeting was carefully planned to maximize participation and make the activity effective. Youth were given flash cards in advance to think and draft anonymous question which they would like to anonymously ask the police.  

Participating youth took their time and came up with questions as well as main concerns, which, due to various reasons, they could not share in an open session. This opportunity to ask anonymously encouraged greater participation.  

Interestingly, as the meeting progressed, participants gained  more confidence and asked more questions than anticipated. The session was very interactive and participants showed a lot of interest in having more sessions like this.

OPS with Youth Banff

OPS Youth Banff NCLB

OPS Youth Banff NCLB


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