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NCLB Strategy

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The development process of a neighbourhood level plan requires significant commitment by the community to engage in strategic planning, collaborate with key stakeholders and coordinate programs and services. The basic characteristics of the strategic planning process would be:

  • A focused process that concentrates on selected issues;
  • Assessment of community assets;
  • Assessment of community problems and needs;
  • An action-orientation with a strong emphasis on practical results;
  • An emphasis on innovative approaches to problem solving.

The basic planning stages involved in developing the NCLB strategy would be:

  • Organization and convening of a NCLB Steering Committee;
  • Selection or confirmation of the designated neighbourhoods;
  • Conduct of a community assessment in the designated neighbourhood;
  • Selection of  priorities and strategies to address neighbourhood challenges;
  • Identification of goals, objectives, and major tasks;
  • Development of an implementation plan;
  • Implementation;
  • Monitoring and evaluation;
  • Readjustment.8


Fundamental principles
Key components of the NCLB strategy
Key elements of the NCLB strategy
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