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NCLB Strategy

Key Elements

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the primary work force in the NCLB strategy. Each NCLB site needs to have a local Steering Committee, closely overseeing and guiding progress in one or more neighbourhoods.

The Steering Committee, consisting of representatives from all social service agencies providing services to the residents in the concerned NCLB site, is responsible for establishing NCLB goals and objectives, supporting community action plans, designing and developing new programs, providing guidance on implementation and assessing the progress.

Each local NCLB Committee is linked to the City community development services and provides it with information on the neighbourhood level plans.

The Strategic Plan
Each neighbourhood in the NCLB Site is directed by its local neighbourhood development plan, approved and supported by the Steering Committee through a community problems and needs assessment process; developing sound resolutions and responses; and securing necessary resources and participation.

In preparation for developing the strategic plan, the community engages a wide range of people from their neighbourhoods and organizations to plan this strategic approach, starting with neighbourhood assessment, developing neighbourhood profile, preparing an inventory of resources, and moving on to identifying the gaps, analyzing the problems and proposing solutions. A local community health or resource centre (CHRC) acts as the main facilitating and coordinating agency in this process for the NCLB site.


Fundamental principles
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Key elements of the NCLB strategy
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