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Photo-Voice Project

NCLB Youth Councils' First Successful Step Forward


The City Forum at GCTC on February 20, 2008 marked the Youth Councils' successully reaching their first milestone.


The Youth Councils on four communities - Banff, Heatherington, Russell Heights, and Confederation Court - have planned to work on two projects during the year 2007-08.


Working on the Photo Voice project in collaboration with the University of Ottawa was one of the projects which they successfully completed. The work the youth have done will become part of the neighbourhood profiles being prepared by the University. The photovoice project will now be used as a tool in 83 neighbourhoods all over the city of Ottawa. Similarly, the City has planned to use NCLB as a model for it evolving Community Development Framework.


Following are some pictures from the February 20th event.


Credit for the pictures goes to Kevin Shantz, Dempsey Community Centre.


Youth with their photos Guests at the Forum
Youth displaying their work Youth explaining ...
Youth worker with youth council members youth with their work
Proud of their work 1
Youth being recognized for their geat work Guest speaker
Decision makers Youth relaxing




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