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On behalf of the NCLB Steering Committee, I appreciate the important contributions of the review committee, comprised of Michael Justinich from Crime Prevention Ottawa, Sonia Luberti, from Community & Protective Services, City of Ottawa and Adonis Sucalit from united Way Ottawa.

I am deeply indebted to Michael Justinich for his thorough proof reading and stimulating suggestions for completing this work. Sonia’s perspective on the City’s Community Development Framework (CDF) and Adonis’s critical suggestions from the community engagement perspective helped us refine these documents in timely manner.

This knowledge transfer and information sharing work was made possible by a grant from HRSDC funding provided by the Social Development Partnerships Program of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), which supports initiatives of the social non-profit sector. This has been a timely support as it coincides with the City of Ottawa's launch of the Community Development Framework (CDF), which uses the NCLB approach for community engagement in the neighbourhood level planning.

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