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Tenants Association

1455 heatherington


1455 Heatherington

1455 Heatherington is a High rise building of the Ottawa community Housing. It has 250 units. The Tenants Association (TA) in this building is very active and served by dedicated community members. The TA runs a variety of activities from religious and cultural events , such as Halloween, Eid and X-mass to other programs offered by the community development agencies.


Tenants' Association members


The TA members serve daily breakfast to the community


 The TA members also run a community cupboard for donated
items for the community 


The TA manages a huge lounge, which houses a small library, a pool table
some exercise equipment and computer.

Neighboring communities also take advantage of this space for their meetings. 

Kitchen facility has been put to the best use with serving daily breakfast to the community.


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