Evolution of the NCLB: Key Milestones

How NCLB evolved over the years since 2004.

Taking Back Communities Project
- Funded by United Way - July 2004

Started work on United Way funded project, Taking Back Communities, to engage and train 20 community leaders in community management, conflict resolution, communication and leadership skills.

Challenges faced in engaging residents
- July to October 2004

Fear and intimidation within the neighbourhoods and lack of trust in service providers outside were some of the key factors for the lack of enthusism to participate or take ownership of their neighbourhoods.
The initial idea of the NCLB initiative
- Abid Jan shared it with Community Service Team at SEOCHC in late October 2004.
This was the result of studying best practices for effective community mobilization for social change. Fundamental principles and key phases of the community engagment process layed out for the first time.

The First draft of NCLB Implementation Plan
- by Abid Jan - Nov 2004.

This was shared with the then Deputy Chief Larry Hill among other partners and was later shaped into a proposal to NCPC to obtain the first ever financial support for the NCLB community engagement process.

The First Steering Committee Meeting
- August 3, 2005

This was the beginning of the launch of NCLB in Banff neighbourhood on pilot basis.
Invitees to the first meeting
1st Meeting
2nd Meeting
3rd Meeting
4th Meeting

NCLB Process, Key Components and Fundamental Principles
- As the figure shown above evolved during 2005-2008.

Community Builder Award
- May 2007

Epic Award
- June 2007
CDF Launched with NCLB Community engagement process and fundamental principles as its key components
- November 2008
Simplified form of the NCLB Community Action Process
- November 2009.