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Community Mobilization Policing Program

May 28-31, 2006


The above subject Queen’s University certificate course was held at Ontario Police College (OPC) from May 28-31, 2006. 

Cst. Mario Bergeron, Cst. Lisa Briggs and Abid Jan, who are involved in implementation of the No community left Behind (NCLB), participated in this course.  

Besides being an excellent learning opportunity, this course was an opportunity to put the NCLB’s approach and progress in perspective. The course covered topics from Crime Prevention through Social Development, to community policing, impact of early years on youth behavior, fighting crime in a knowledge management environment, and youth issues. 

The course, however, revolved around the case study of a community in the City of Cambridge with almost the same social, economic and crime-related problems that we face in low-income neighborhoods in Ottawa. The participants had to apply P.A.R.E. (Problem, Analysis, Response and Evaluation) approach (tool) to come up with a plan for addressing crime-related problems in the community. 

Conclusions of the outbreak sessions and discussions with the course facilitators confirmed the validity of the simple process followed by the No Community Left Behind initiative. The P.A.R.E. model would become an effective tool for the strategic planning phase of the NCLB process given at: 

In preparation for the expansion phase of NCLB, the P.A.R.E model will be applied in the strategy development phase. The resource persons, who were involved in course designing for CPMP, expressed their interest in studying NCLB in detail.


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